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As a leading Fleet Management Company, something that Union Leasing prides itself on is it’s industry leading group of experts we have on our team. Over the coming months, we will highlight some of our industry leaders across the country, and how the fleet leasing industry has been, currently is, and will be in the future in the coming months and years.

Sales Spotlight JH

Who is John Hildebrandt?

In my role as Regional Sales Manager at Union Leasing, my primary goal is to help companies get the most out of their fleet. My territory covers the center to western side of the United States, focusing on Colorado and the surrounding states.

I’m a Colorado kid, raised in the Rockies, and am currently based out of Arvada, Colorado, just northwest of downtown Denver. I have been in the fleet industry in some form or another for 25+ years. Throughout my career, I’ve worked within many aspects of the transportation business. This includes car rental, medium and heavy-duty truck rental and leasing. I have performed in roles varying from national account sales to business development and managerial roles. This diversity and growth in my career also has allowed me to work in multiple locations across the country. I’ve also been previously entrenched in the South Texas and the Tennessee markets for transportation.

How my background and expertise helps customers today, as well as the lay of the land in my market

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, my primary goal in my role is to create a custom solution to help customers maximize their ROI from their fleet. In our industry, no two partnerships are the same, so I make sure to go into each potential relationship with an open mind as to how I can help you achieve your financial goals with your fleet.

So how do I help you achieve those financial goals? It’s important to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of any fleet. I try to identify opportunities for improvement, efficiencies and cost savings… any and all of which some companies don’t even realize are within their current fleet structure. From there, I present myself as a trusted resource and asset for my partners. They can rely on me for any questions they may have, as well as use me as a tool to implement those changes.

The additional value myself and Union Leasing offer, was not a top priority for our industry when I started some 25 years ago. We would try to get in, work out a deal and move on, without building a relationship. This caused an issue working through our additional services, and leaving our partners uninspired and unfulfilled.

Looking at my Areas

To that point, I’ve taken notice of the other Colorado market other fleet management companies. They dont seem to take the time to build these relationships with their partners, and in turn do not seek the best solution for their business. This is similar for my other locations too such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Time and again my connections, whether vendors, manufacturers, up-fitters or businesses themselves, are blown away with my level of commitment to building our relationship, even though I don’t live in those areas.  Being able to partner with different associations in the aforementioned locations, as well as Utah and New Mexico, allows me to establish myself as a trusted expert in the Fleet Management industry.

Myself and Union Leasing as a whole are dedicated to understanding what your needs are. From there, we will put together a customized solution that works for the entirety of the relationship, instead of just quoting a price.

What’s different about a National Account, and why Union Leasing works in this area

My specialty are larger fleets, 300 or more, known as National Accounts, which presents its own set of unique challenges. Those challenges are:

  • ability to highlight and detail all aspects of our offering
  • build relationships with different points of contacts within the company
  • maximize opportunities for improvement
  • trying to save money wherever possible

Another thing to note is that many are operating in multiple states all over the United States. This creates all sorts of challenges in every aspect of our industry, from our licensing and title, maintenance, account management and remarketing departments.

So why do I believe Union Leasing is the best partner for you? It’s simple, our people. We are experienced, nimble and operate within a flat environment. Department heads interact on a day to day basis on the running of your fleet. It’s my experience that other Fleet Management Companies do not have that capability. Having a dedicated account manager at Union Leasing really aids your requests and goals for your fleet of vehicles.

Along with those dedicated account managers, I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the technology. In my experience with large fleets, our myFleetLink app is a real hidden gem of our program. It allows you to monitor every aspect of your fleet of vehicles easily and conveniently. You can also access any aspect of your fleet at a touch of a button.

Whats to come for us

As of this writing, we are currently in the midst of a financial crisis amid the covid-19 pandemic. As we endure from these hardships, I’m open to meeting with anyone for a no pressure fleet analysis. During this analysis we can look at freeing up capital from your fleet to evaluating vehicle selections, or even creating lifecycle management programs. In the coming months, I’ll be attending CFMA events, both locally and nationally, along with large expos that are prevalent in the fleet industry, such as NAFA.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you too will be in attendance.

In summary, I hope that you would consider discussing Union Leasing’s offering with me, as I truly believe we are best in class, and my ability to creating value throughout this process, coupled with my expertise of your sized fleets and all that comes with it, makes this incredibly nuanced partnership…seamless.

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John Hildebrandt

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