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Fleet Management Program

Fleet Driver Solutions

Everything we do is customized for your business. It starts with personal, individualized high-touch toll fleet management services to help you with your most urgent challenges and continues with long-term strategic planning and cost-saving ideas. We collaborate with you to ensure your metrics tie directly back to your business goals.

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Dedicated Fleet Management

Dedicated Fleet Management


We take a holistic approach to your business to address your fleet and business goals. Should your business require a fully outsourced solution, we have the expertise. We take on all operational responsibilities as your dedicated fleet manager and provide strategic direction and insights to help you save money.


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Lease and Finance Solutions

Lease and Finance Solutions


We offer different types of lease products to address different needs, such as cash flow, limited resources, or tax benefits. Our lease structures include open-end TRAC Lease, Synthetic Lease, Sale/Leasebacks and Capital Leases. All lease structures can utilize fixed or floating rates with various term lengths. We will work closely with you to understand the impact of these various lease structures and what works best for your business.


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Registration & Renewal Management

Under our care, all the elements of your vehicles' license and title compliance are taken care of on time and in the most efficient manner. Our experts understand the specific requirements for each state and county and have created an extensive network to ensure on-time processing and delivery.


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Accident Management

We've partnered with leading Insurance and Risk Management companies to offer a powerful selection of services that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget, including commercial fleet roadside assistance. If you opt for your own insurance, we can still help with our full-service claims solutions including Accident Reporting, Physical Damage Repair, and expert subrogation. We also provide fleet driver safety training to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

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Fuel Program

One of our fleet driver solutions, our fuel program gives your operators the freedom to access fuel locations all across North America and it gives you the power to establish spending limits and purchase criteria. Tailored to your specific business needs, you can control how each card is used and monitor the expenses in a way that makes sense for your business.


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Remarketing Management

We work diligently with auctions and resale channels across North America to make sure you get the highest sale price for your returned leased vehicle. We know time is money; that's why we rely on our long-standing relationships within the remarketing network to help ensure a seamless process and quick turn-around of your sales proceeds.


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Property Tax Management and Reporting

Property Tax Management & Reporting

Property taxes and reporting are a vital part of the fleet management equation. Each jurisdiction maintains asset records. For property taxes, we assign assessing jurisdictions and depreciation schedules, prepare and file renditions, and handle review, preparation, and payment of tax bills.


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Maintenance Management Program

Maintenance Management Program

We offer several maintenance program options designed to ensure your fleet runs smoothly with minimum involvement by you and your drivers. Our in-house ASE-certified technicians have pre-negotiated rates and oversee all transactions to make sure suggested maintenance is necessary and discounts are honored.


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Fleet Technology

Fleet Technology


Using today's top technology through key partnerships, we can coordinate a Telematics fleet management solution tailored to your specific fleet management, safety and compliance or other key driver and vehicle objectives, including fleet mileage tracking.