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April 3, 2019 | Pieces of the Product

For 85 years, Union Leasing has been successfully exceeding customer expectations and providing a low cost of ownership. A key part of that success is our Remarketing team; a group of experts in the resale of off-lease vehicles, whose goal is to improve your overall vehicle management fleet costs by leveraging their knowledge and industry partnerships as your vehicles come to the end of their term. Our goal is to minimize your costs and risk by selling your vehicle at the right time for the best price possible.

Our Department is Driven

Our goal is to minimize your costs and risk by selling your vehicle at the right time for the best price possible.

Union Leasing’s remarketing team has multiple channels they leverage for optimized timing and price of vehicle sales. While the marketplace is shifting, auction sales are still the primary channel.  We’ve built strategic partnerships nationwide and leverage them to determine the optimal location based on market conditions for a specific asset sale to ensure the best return. This may mean moving a vehicle to a better marketplace, or alternative channels like online auctions.

The key to the success of our Remarketing team is the trusted expertise that selects, assigns, and manages the process.  Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the fleet remarketing industry which allows our team to:

  • Know the auction and overall buyers’ market extremely well
  • Use tools like Blackbook and Manheim Market Report to accurately determine the true value of your vehicle
  • Negotiate the price on your behalf with potential buyers
  • Get the customer the best-case-scenario price, instead of just accepting the first offer we see.

Why Us?

Union Leasing is unique in its ability to pay closer attention to each individual sale. Our high-touch service and attention is what sets us apart from the cookie cutter approach others use. We review each vehicle, monitor and negotiate the sale price to reach the highest possible return for our customer. That’s our promise. 

We use performance metrics to monitor and manage our partner network to ensure the highest level of service.

Our promise is to ensure we are optimizing your fleet at every turn.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and the lowest possible operating cost. 



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