Used Car Financing: Same Options, Lower Cost

Used Car Financing:  Same Options, Lower Cost 

Leasing isn’t just for new vehicles. You can select the leasing option best suited for you, then apply it to a lower cost, used vehicle. 

Since most vehicle depreciation occurs during the first year, your vehicle asset will be much closer to its true market value at the point of lease inception. Not only will this result in a lower lease payment, but could also lower your insurance premium and residual risk.

Network of Used Vehicles
Over the years, we have put together a remarketing channel that allows us to purchase virtually any used vehicle at or below wholesale cost. Whether you need an Impala in California or a pick-up truck in Rhode Island, we will deliver the vehicle to your front door.

Many Advantages
For many clients, a used vehicle option is the perfect solution to their fleet needs. In addition to lower payments, used vehicle leases: 

Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.
Generally, the warranty stays with the vehicle, and in late model used cars, still has significant life left. On older vehicles, we often implement used car warranty plans.

Usually do not incur significantly higher maintenance costs.
You simply continue your normal lifecycle. If you keep vehicles three years and/or 60,000 miles and you buy a one-year vehicle with 15,000 miles, you now have a cycle of 2 years and/or 45,000 miles. Simply add the vehicle to your current maintenance management program.

We’re always thinking outside the box to optimize your fleet acquisition and operations comfortably within your budget, because we can’t help minding your business.