Title Tax and Tag Overview

Title, Tags and Tax Management: A Fleet Operations Service

Never underestimate the amount of administration involved in keeping today’s fleet compliant. The wrong paperwork or one missed filing can turn into a hassle for your drivers and an unneeded expense for your business. In order to keep your fleet operating smoothly, Union Leasing brings you a comprehensive management solution that emphasizes precise attention to detail and broad knowledge of all state and local regulations.

About Union Leasing

We provide flexible lease financing and value-added services for every stage of your Fleet Management Lifecycle: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operations and Remarketing. It’s a holistic approach that ensures your financial and service requirements are satisfied, and there are no surprises.

But what really sets us apart is how we deliver.

At Union Leasing, every customer is treated as if they were our first customer. That’s the cornerstone of our U-first Service pledge. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service expressly for you.

Union Leasing Compliance Program

Compliance is about keeping your vehicles on the road. Because regulations vary from state to state, we maintain access to every state’s vehicle registration system. We stay up-to-date so every car in your fleet remains current and compliant. Timeliness and thoroughness are the keys to administering your title, tags and tax management. We know what needs to be done to keep your vehicles in good standing, and we do it.

Title Management

Under Union Leasing’s care, all the elements of your vehicles’ title compliance will be addressed in the most efficient manner.

 Quick title turnaround.

We appreciate the need for speed. So all titles are centrally and securely stored at our corporate office to expedite processing.

State changes

We compile all the required documentation and forward it to the new state for title processing.

Thorough recording.

We manage all required information on lessor, lessee and lien holders. We pride ourselves on accurate reporting and quick disbursements of titles.

Tag Management

Relying on us to proactively manage your tags means never having to worry about missed renewals or administrative hassles that could jeopardize a vehicle’s compliance.                             

Procurement and renewals.

We handle all initial tag procurement and execute timely registration renewals throughout all 50 states. 

Supplementary documentation.

We manage inspections, emissions, smog, insurance forms and various other items that may be needed.

Parking violations.

To ensure continued validity of registration, we process parking violations in a timely and proper manner.

Electronic file transfers.

Participating states work with Union Leasing to instantly renew registrations and validate records. With our plate distribution program, Union Leasing directly assigns, records, and distributes plates to you. By eliminating the middleman, we help you avoid delays, fines, penalties and lost records.

Tax Management

We know taxes are a vital part of the equation. Our approach ensures efficient administration of all applicable taxes. 

Property taxes.

Each jurisdiction maintains asset records. We assign assessing jurisdictions and depreciation schedules, prepare and file renditions, and handle review, preparation, and payment of tax bills.

Sales and use taxes.

We assign the correct asset tax rate, and adhere to proper application of state guidelines regarding monthly or upfront payback, and pass-through of all fees.

It Takes a Lot to Keep Your Fleet on the Road.

One major advantage of our fleet management program is taking all your administrative hassles and deadlines and making them our problem. At Union Leasing, we rise to that challenge every day. Let our experienced team ensure each of your vehicles remains compliant and ready to serve your needs.

Coming up with innovative solutions for your business is our specialty.

How can Union Leasing go the Extra Mile for you?