Services for Fleet Buyers and Owners

Already own your own fleet?
Any of the fleet management service options listed above are available to you, in any combination you desire. We can shorten your To Do list, boost your bottom line, and simplify your workflow. 

Want to purchase instead of lease? 
If you find it advantageous to own your own fleet instead of leasing, we offer a complete vehicle Purchase Program that takes care of all management duties from purchase through disposal. As part of the Purchase Program, Union Leasing will:

  • Deliver a vehicle anywhere in the country.
  • Obtain all initial licensing and titling, as well as administer annual renewals.
  • Have staff on hand to provide assistance and information regarding state and local tax issues.
  • Assist in model and equipment selections as well as replacement vehicle policies.
  • Help, when necessary, with any warranty claims with the various vehicle manufacturers.
  • Dispose of used vehicles through our extensive national resale network.