Risk Management and Safety

Union Leasing has partnered with various leading Insurance and Risk Management companies to offer a powerful selection of services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Accident & Safety Management 

If you opt to self-insure for physical damage, Union offers a nationwide, full service claims solution designed to accommodate your needs for Accident Reporting, Physical Damage Repair and expert Claims Collection.

Union’s repair process is designed to control accident damage via a guaranteed direct repair network (DRP). Leveraging repair volume allows us to obtain repairs at a substantial discount vs local market pricing—just like the big insurance companies. That means, you get full “fleet life” repair guarantee at a great price.

  • Accident Reporting, Repair and Subrogation Claims 
Accident Reporting

Even the safest drivers have accidents. The first step to ensure that an accident doesn’t become an even bigger headache is immediate and accurate reporting. Union’s reporting value proposition offers:

  • 24-hour nationwide toll-free reporting capability for you and your drivers
  • Customizable data collection to accommodate specific company requirements
  • Accident Acord reports submitted to your various departments and/or insurance carrier based on specific company policy
  • Drivers and witnesses contacted as necessary to obtain all relevant incident details
Physical Damage Repair

When there’s vehicle damage, our program makes the repair process efficient and seamless for the drivers. You get repairs done right, at the right price, with a “FleetLife” guarantee.

  • Repair estimates are coordinated via an established direct repair network (DRP) eliminating the need to burden drivers with obtaining multiple estimates.   
  • Each estimate is reviewed and adjusted by an ICAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair)  certified claims specialist ensuring that repairs are correct, complete and at competitive rates. ICAR is the gold standard.
    • Repair and Claim Data is available to you via online secure access 24/7/365
  • All physical damage repairs have a “FleetLife" repair guarantee for as long as the vehicle is in your fleet.
Subrogation and Claims Management

Subrogation is easy to understand but very difficult to do well. Our Subrogation Specialists have property & casualty licenses and an extensive knowledge of state laws and regulations. The Team is expertly focused in physical damage claims and will maximize your recovery:

 Every claim is reviewed to determine both fault and responsibility

  • Immediate contact of responsible parties to demand restitution
  • Improved collection of repair, loss of use and diminished value
  • Review of state and case law

Accident Prevention & Driver Safety

Driver Background Checks

The safety of your employees and your investments are, of course, your top priorities. To avoid unpleasant surprises and negligence issues you may want to assess the risk involved with each hire and each employee who is issued a company car. Take advantage of the availability of driver background checks (through Motor Vehicle Records) as well as driver risk assessments.

Driver Safety Programs

The best Risk Management program starts with doing all you can to prevent accidents in the first place. Keep your drivers’ knowledge and skills current with ongoing online classes. A wide range of lessons is available across all vehicle types and driving situations. Keep motor vehicle laws and safety tips top-of-mind to positively impact your drivers’ performance. 

  •  Consultation & Administration

Insurance is a major expense in operating a corporate fleet. Union’s expertise can help you reduce your direct fleet expenses, as well as the time you spend administering the fleet. We can facilitate partnerships with leading Insurance brokers to provide competitive comprehensive coverage solutions underwritten by A+ rated insurance carriers.  

  • Insurance Services You Can Count On
Auto Physical Damage & Liability Coverage

Our partners deliver competitive commercial fleet premiums custom-tailored to your specific fleet insurance needs and risk tolerance. With the large number of vehicles in the program, you enjoy an economy of scale and flexibility normally not obtained individually. 

Insurance Card Administration

Union offers a turnkey solution for getting insurance cards into your drivers' hands quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise and systems to ensure that drivers receive updated insurance cards in advance of the existing policy expiration offering full legal operating compliance.