Rental Car Service Overview

Rental Car: Fleet Management Services

We do what it takes so you get what you need. Everything. We know you’re looking for the flexibility to cycle in and out of vehicles. You need a resource for a variety of vehicles. And you want to keep the paperwork to a minimum.

About Union Leasing

We provide flexible lease financing and value-added services for every stage of your Fleet Management Lifecycle: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operations and Remarketing. It’s a holistic approach that ensures your financial and service requirements are satisfied, and there are no surprises.

But what really sets us apart is how we deliver. 

At Union Leasing, every customer is treated as if they were our first customer. That’s the cornerstone of our U-first Service pledge. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service expressly for rental
car companies.

True fleet management for the rental car industry

We know the most important aspect of fleet management for rental cars is flexibility. There’s nowhere this is more true than with financing. Different choices will be right for different rental car companies. Union Leasing has all the options covered.

Leasing: Flexible Financing

Flexible term restrictions

Whether it is a manufacturer buyback program or putting used vehicles into the risk portfolio, Union Leasing has the solution for you. When you know you need to cycle cars in and out, you’ll be able to do it.

Financing ease. 

We love making it easy, in so many ways. Establish a credit line and master lease contract, and after that, just sign a one-page addendum for each additional vehicle. Be assured that we always offer competitive fixed funding programs that help manage your cash flow.

Risk and non-risk vehicles. 

We assist when you want to take advantage of manufacturer incentives and accept the residual risk. We help coordinate and negotiate buyback programs for non-risk units. Union Leasing lets you choose the route that’s better for your business.

New and pre-owned vehicles. 

Union Leasing weighs in when you’re weighing the option of competitively priced pre-owned vehicles versus new. By looking at industry trends and utilization factors, as well as developing a break-even analysis, we make sure you’re able to make the most informed decision possible.

Operations: Making The Process Smooth

Rely on us for comprehensive, timely license and title services. We appreciate the need for quick title turnaround, so we store all titles at our corporate office to help expedite sales of your units. Need help with your tags? Union Leasing can help secure your registration so you can keep your vehicles out on rent.

Remarketing: Multiple Resources

You always have the first option to sell your own vehicles. But with Union Leasing, you always have another choice. We understand what you want from remarketing: it’s all about maximizing resale value, utilizing the proper mileage trigger points. So let us help find your optimal solution. We understand you may have a viable remarketing network, however Union Leasing can also offer multiple remarketing channels from our on-line driver bid program to auctions, dealers and wholesale pools.

On-Line Access When You Need It

The quicker you get the information you need, the more efficient you can be. That’s why Union Leasing gives our clients on-line access to receive and review billing, payoffs and reports. Important information such as serial number, unit number, location, branch code, in-service date and lease payment is available at your command. You can also access reports on detail payoff and registration.

Coming up with innovative solutions for your business is our specialty.

How can Union Leasing go the Extra Mile for you?