Maintenance Overview

Maintenance Overview

Maintenance and Emergency Roadside Assistance: A Fleet Operations Service

After you put your signature on the bottom of the lease, we keep on working. Union Leasing is committed to keeping your fleet operations going strong. We manage maintenance so your drivers and administrators don’t have to do it. We provide comprehensive programs for day-to-day, preventative and emergency assistance.

About Union Leasing

We provide flexible lease financing and value-added services for every stage of your Fleet Management Lifecycle: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operations and Remarketing. It’s a holistic approach that ensures your financial and service requirements are satisfied, and there are no surprises.

But what really sets us apart is how we deliver.
At Union Leasing, every customer is treated as if they were our first customer. That’s the cornerstone of our U-first Service pledge. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service expressly for you. 

Maintenance service that runs like a finely tuned machine

National Account Program

This is Union Leasing’s basic maintenance management program. And it’s powerful stuff. Like everything we do, the National Account Program pays attention to the details.

Uniform discount pricing.

On mechanical services including oil changes, glass and tire repairs, transmission repairs, various engine repairs and more.

No cash outlay by drivers.

Because repair costs are included in the customer’s monthly billing instead.

ASE and I-Car certified technicians.

On call, working through the problems and solving them in economical and safe ways. Certified technicians will negotiate with vendors and approve audits and repairs, according to the specifications you set in your lease.

National Account card.

The convenience of a card that’s accepted at industry-leading service centers nationwide. it’s essential.

Complete Menu of Optional Maintenance Programs

Union Leasing believes in customizing solutions, so you also have the choice of other maintenance services. We’ll consult with you and help you determine what works for your specific circumstances.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Union Leasing’s preventative maintenance program keeps maintenance on-schedule, and at a cost level appropriate to your budget. Avoid over-spending and under-spending. You eliminate your drivers’ out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring that targeted maintenance is performed at the right intervals.

Emergency Road Assistance

A 24/7 emergency program provides peace of mind and protects the value of the vehicles you lease. Union Leasing’s solution is comprehensive, covering the full range of emergencies, like running out of gas, lockouts, flats and other repairs.

National Accident Program

After an accident, it’s all about getting a safe vehicle back to your driver. Our National Accident Program takes care of the entire process.


We obtain accurate accident information from your drivers and provide it to you in comprehensive reports.

Repair specialists.

Our I-Car and ASE certified technicians will handle all the details, including the selection of a repair facility, price negotiation and follow-up.

Subrogation services.

We’ll work to collect 100 percent of collision coverage from third parties who are at fault and secure rental car reimbursement from insurance companies.

National Detailing

Union Leasing obtains national discount pricing on wash and wax, all the way to full-level detailing of your vehicles.

Fleet Vehicle Rental

We arrange low rates, either daily or monthly. And they include pick-up and delivery on temporary rentals. 

Coming up with innovative solutions for your business is our specialty.

How can Union Leasing go the Extra Mile for you?