Looking at the Big Picture

Looking at the Big Picture

We offer specific products and services through all four stages of fleet management:  planning, leasing, fleet operation and remarketing services. It’s a holistic approach to your business with an emphasis on helping you better leverage your fleet dollars as well as take advantage of a wide variety of service options.

Assessing Your Situation. Anticipating Your Needs.
We take pride in making sure every lease agreement is structured to your optimal benefit. To that end, we take the time carefully assess your fleet needs, your financial goals, and where you see your needs evolving during the life of your lease.

Analysis of Buy vs. Lease
It all starts with a shared understanding of the relative advantages of leasing vs. owning. We make sure you are well-equipped to make decisions you’ll be comfortable with over the long term.

Fleet Size Assessment
We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your fleet mix. How many and what kind of vehicles do you require? How will they be used? Are there any other selection criteria? We’ll create a Selector List of vehicles we think fit your needs to help you make the best choices with ease.

Operational Evaluation
We’ll look at how you plan to operate your fleet. Will there be a centralized fleet manager or does a more decentralized system work better for your organization? Do you need to outsource that function completely? We also provide options on billing cycles as well as generating reports.

End-of-Lease Planning
One of the most important aspects of planning a new lease is anticipating how it will terminate. Although we provide flexibility at the end of your lease, during the Planning stage we will explain different Remarketing options including our vast dealer network, driver purchase program, and manufacturer buy-back option.

Start planning for greater confidence and ease with your fleet leasing and management, by sitting down with one of our planning experts today.