Business Partner Program Overview

Leasing Services: Business Partner Program

At Union Leasing, we know that brokering the deal is only the beginning. Strong, lasting relationships are the key. We’ve spent 50 years in fleet leasing with an approach that focuses on mutual success. Your clients and your livelihood depend on expert management and competitive commissions. You can count on Union Leasing.

About Union Leasing

We provide flexible lease financing and value-added services for every stage of your Fleet Management Lifecycle: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operations and Remarketing. It’s a holistic approach that ensures your financial and management requirements are satisfied and there are no surprises.

"But what really sets us apart is how we deliver."

At Union Leasing, every customer is treated as if they were our first customer. That’s the cornerstone of our U-first Service pledge. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service expressly for the needs of your clients and your business.

Looking out for our partners

Union Leasing developed the Business Partner Program to make sure you’re covered in every way, from contract through day-to-day management. We use the expertise we’ve developed over the decades. You’re assured that your clients receive the same level of service our own clients enjoy.

Partner Contract

Success begins with a solid agreement. Your contract will be developed with your goals in mind. It will reflect what’s needed to keep your business strong and your accounts protected.

Partner Portal

Union Leasing recognizes that you depend on the tools and support we provide you. Your partner portal provides on-line account management, along with customized quoting capabilities. You’ll be able to work on-line with your billing, license and title reports, payoffs, status reports, driver and vehicle detail, and more. 

Competitive Commissions

Union Leasing offers the industry’s most competitive commission plan. We pay on every variable that contributes to gross profit. Whether it’s a client’s first delivery or a replacement unit, you warrant a fair commission structure.

Showing Flexibility

Union Leasing knows that having choices makes all the difference. Every partner has his or her own particular needs. When you are part of our Business Partner Program, the best solution is the one that works for you. That’s why we make a variety of fleet management options available to you.

Open End Leases

The Open End lease, or ‘TRAC’ Lease, is easily our most popular choice.  It offers the flexibility of conventional financing, while being structured as an operating lease. 

Closed End Leases

The Closed End Lease is typically utilized by smaller fleets looking to minimize risk. A Closed End lease has mileage penalties, and offers less flexibility then an Open End lease. The Closed End lease also qualifies as an operating lease.

Fixed or Float

Union Leasing offers either a fixed or floating rate option.  The fixed rate program is tied to prime, while the floating rate program is LIBOR based. 

Any Make or Model

Union Leasing will offer any make of car or truck, and any other titled equipment including shuttle buses, 15-passenger vans, cube vans, stake bodies, and flat beds.

Title, Tags, and Tax Management

Rely on us for comprehensive, timely license and titling, as well as registration renewals throughout the lease term. We also ensure efficient administration of all applicable taxes.

Maintenance Programs

We offer customized national account maintenance programs that can be tailored to any size fleet.

Coming up with innovative solutions for your business is our specialty.

How can Union Leasing go the Extra Mile for you?