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Union Leasing is a true believer in maximizing the value of an off-lease vehicle. There is no better formula for Company and Driver success/satisfaction than the Union Leasing Employee Sales Channel.

The Union Leasing Driver Benefit:

Drivers get a vehicle they know and are comfortable with - at a highly competitive price far below that of retail. Unions program also offers flexible financing predicated on credit rating and options for the purchase of extended warranty service plans at wholesale rates.

The Union Leasing Client Benefit:

Employee sales are a direct and tangible employee benefit while you and your company enjoy a quick and efficient sales cycle equating to substantial fleet operations cost savings.

Promoting off-lease employee sales is also a perfect way to instill care while your vehicles are in service as drivers are mentally encouraged to care for the unit they may eventually own. This can reduce overall maintenance expense.

Union offers a proven process to administer Employee Sales at lease end. Your Union Client Service liaison consults with you to establish effective sales guidelines designed to promote Employee sales and increase overall remarketing profitability.

Unionís Remarketing department handles the entire administrative process from start to finish. We will contact the employee to promote the vehicle sale once a unit is nearing the lease end. Union then provides the employee with a price quote, financing options and warranty, if applicable. Union even tracks the sale payment and handles all vehicle purchase documentation for the Employee.


  • Employee purchase benefit
  • Promotes care of company vehicle
  • Keeps remarketing time to a minimum
  • Fully administered
  • Flexible financing
  • Warranty available