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Adding value at the end of your lease

Union Leasing offers specific products and services through all four stages of fleet management: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operation and Remarketing Services.


Itís a holistic approach to your business with an emphasis on helping you better leverage your fleet dollars as well as take advantage of a wide variety of service options. For a quick overview of each stage, run your cursor around the Lifecycle Management tool. Then click on a stage to learn more.


  • Pick-up Anywhere
  • Customized Reports and Analysis
  • Individually Negotiated Sales
  • Access To Vast Dealer Network
  • Black Book® Online!

Getting You The Most Value. With The Least Hassle

The best way to ensure you get the most value for your vehicle is to plan for remarketing at the beginning of your lease during the Planning phase. At Union Leasing, we work with you to develop the best remarketing plan for you from the very beginning, than offer a variety of flexible tactics to make the Remarketing phase as easy and cost efficient for you as possible. Because the re-sale market changes and every customer situation differ a bit, we take remarketing on a case-by-case, vehicle-by-vehicle basis. We analyze every option before recommending a course of action.


We believe the end of your lease is perhaps the best place to add value for our each type of customers.


For our fleet customers, an employee sales program usually works out best. If an employee is not interested in buying his or her vehicle, Union Leasing can tap into a wide range of re-sale channels, including:

  • Union Leasing Auction Network. More than two hundred auctions nationwide, analyzed and quantified to get the best price for your vehicle.
  • On-line Auction. Whether it's on e-Bay or one of the other auction sites, Union Leasing has an easy process to shop your car over the Internet.
  • Brokers/Wholesalers. We have a network of licensed brokers and wholesalers who provide a steady market for vehicles.
  • New and Used Car Dealers. Union Leasing accepts bids from local dealers.


For our Government customers, Union Leasing conducts independent appraisals at the end of each vehicle and provides a detailed condition reports. We also make sure your vehicles are picked up in a timely and convenient manner.


Our Rental Car customers usually sell their leased vehicles. So we make sure your title gets turned around quickly so you get the most flexibility and resale value. Union Leasing also can act as your remarketing agent, giving you access to our vast network of re-sale prospects


See how U-First Service makes a difference at the end of your lease.



When it comes to Remarketing, we don't try and dispose of thousands of vehicles at a time. Union Leasing evaluates on a case-by-case basis and considers several key factors:


Year, Make, Model. Market conditions often change among the various makes and models. Location also plays a role in establishing value.


Mileage. Excess mileage deductions are not standardized. Leading publications like to give standardized mileage deductions. But in reality, different deductions apply to different makes and models at different times.


Used Vehicle Supply and Demand. Seasonality and economic conditions contribute to variance. Click on market trends to see the latest supply and demand information.


Damage. To repair or not repair? There is no one answer. Each situation should be determined individually.