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Maintenance Programs

Union Leasing offers several maintenance program options designed to ensure smooth operation of your fleet with minimum involvement by you and your drivers. Maintenance options include nationwide availability for general preventive maintenance, major mechanical repair and warranty handling as well as 24hr emergency assistance all with no upfront payment by you or your employees.

Program Features:

  • Uniform discount pricing on mechanical & Tire services including – but not limited to – oil changes, brakes, tires, windshield and tempered glass repair, transmission maintenance and replacement as well as engine repair.
  • No cash outlay required by drivers. Customer is billed on a monthly basis.
  • ASE and I-Car certified technicians field calls from your drivers, negotiate with vendors, approves & audits repairs based on your company's parameters.
  • Monitors warranty status on vehicles to control unnecessary repair requests.
  • Convenience of using a National Account card valid at nationwide service centers including such industry leaders as Goodyear, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, Midas, Valvoline, Sears, Pep Boys and a host of regional repair suppliers.

  • Maintenance Management

    The "We Manage It" Approach

    This Turn Key maintenance option is ideal for companies requiring professional service advice without the added expense of hiring an internal maintenance coordinator. Union’s Maintenance Management team becomes an extension of your organization, interacting with employees and repair facilities across the country to control repair requests.

    Our ASE certified maintenance department takes the burden off of you as all requests for repairs are directed to our call center. Union manages each and every repair individually using a vehicle’s own past service history as a guide to what will or will not be needed next.

    The Maintenance Management option saves you time and your company money while maximizing your employee’s productivity.

    National Tire & Maintenance Service

    The "You Manage" It Approach

    This is an excellent fit for those capable and willing to be involved in the daily maintenance activity. Union provides access to more then 25,000 tire and service facilities across the US offering standardized pricing and centralized billing. You determine the level of involvement on individual repairs by setting a field authorization limit that’s right for you.

    Union's Added Value Services

    Both the Maintenance Management & National Account Service Level Options offer these added service benefits. All services are accessible via Union’s Toll Free Driver Service Center. One call truly does it all.

    Preventative Maintenance Program

    Every vehicle enrolled in the Union Leasing Maintenance Service is assigned a specific Preventive Maintenance Schedule aimed at encouraging your vehicle operators to perform targeted maintenance services at the proper time. The program is designed to address the necessary general maintenance needs crucial to keeping your vehicles in top operating condition as well as avoid both over spending and under spending on your maintenance costs. Union Leasing works with you to come up with the proper mileage intervals that will achieve an optimum spending level.

    Emergency Road Service

    24/7 emergency services for towing, lockouts, no starts, fuel, mechanical breakdowns and tire issues.

    Warranty Claim Processing

    Union offers both pre and post warranty assistance for all vehicles enrolled in the maintenance repair service. Utilizing Union’s expertise and leveraging off our relationship with the vehicle manufacturers adds value and savings when mitigating warranty claims.

    Windshield & Glass Replacement

    Nationwide access to glass replacement facilities designed to either repair or replace broken windshields, side and back glass. All at the Industry’s most competitive prices.

    Physical Damage Repair & Claims Collection

    If you’ve opted to Self Insure for physical damage, Union’s program offers a nationwide repair network designed to control accident repair damage via a guaranteed direct repair network (DRP). Leveraging repair volume allows Union to obtain repairs at a substantial discount vs. local market pricing-Just like the big Insurance companies. The benefit to you is a full “fleet life” repair guarantee at a great price.

    Union’s comprehensive process gets your vehicle back to your driver quickly and without any direct payment to the repair facility. Return To Work (RTW) is a critical aspect of Risk Management. Our service keeps claims time to a minimum.

    Program Features:

  • Service available 24 hours per day-365 days per year.
  • Accident Claims Reporting is designed to capture necessary incident details directly from your drivers.
  • ACORD style claims reporting is automatically forwarded to you, your TPA or Insurance carrier eliminating any driver processing of accident reports- Timely & Efficient.
  • I-Car and ASE certified repair specialists will handle all the details for you, including the selection of a repair facility, price negotiation, repair completion follow-up and shop payment.
  • Vehicle Rental assistance can be arranged offering low daily or monthly rates, including pick-up and delivery on temporary rentals.
  • Full Time Collection Specialists work to collect monies due you for incidents that are the fault of the “other party”.
  • Arbitration and Litigation are also available for more complex cases.

    • 24/7 service accessibility
    • Nationwide coverage
    • Several maintenance options available
    • Breakdown and emergency service
    • Preventative maintenance program
    • Web-based reporting