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License and Title


Platinum Renewal Service

Our renewal service is provided in all 50 states and ensures timely renewal of vehicle registrations. We begin the renewal process about 45 days prior to the expiration date, allowing extra time for unforeseen delays. Our renewal department tracks the needed documentation for each state and obtains any additional documentation needed from the driver. In most states Union Leasing can apply for the renewal directly and forward the completed registration to the driver. In other states, we send a complete renewal packet to the driver for a simple refilling process with the local DMV.

For the fleet manager we offer a comprehensive reporting package. Union Leasing can customize and provide monthly, quarterly, or annual reports regarding any License and Title information.

State Changes

Upon notification of a state change request, Union Leasing obtains all necessary documentation including any needed state inspections from the driver ( e.g. emissions, vin inspection). Once we compile all necessary documentation, the change is forwarded to the new state to process the new title and registration.

Purchase and Disposal

Union Leasing obtains all initial license and titling, as well as administers annual renewals. In addition we offer storage of these titles for safekeeping.

Parking Violations

Ignoring parking fines can lead to suspension of driving privileges, impoundment of vehicles, and excessive fines. Union Leasing monitors all violations and ensures each violation reaches a proper conclusion.

Miscellaneous Items

Union Leasing monitors and forwards all recalls, emissions, and other state notifications.


Complete Administrative Services including:

  • Renewals in all 50 states Renewal Service
  • Change of state title
  • Initial licensing and titles
  • Storage and administration services
  • Parking fine management