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Fleet Insurance Program

Insurance is a major expense in operating a corporate fleet. Unionís expertise will aid in reducing your direct fleet expenses, as well as the time allocated in administering the fleet. Union has partnered with Assurance Agency, a leading broker to offer you competitive insurance coverage underwritten by A+ rated insurance carriers. We provide a comprehensive program, and take the day to day insurance administration off your desk.

Insurance Services You Can Count On

  • Competitive Pricing -  Our program represents competitive commercial fleet premiums. With the large number of vehicles in the program, rates do not vary by geographics, make or model.

  • Improved Cash Flow -  Unionís program bills the premium monthly, on a per unit basis. This results in improved cash flow by not paying deposits or semi annual premiums.

  • Administration Free -  Union administers the distribution of all insurance cards, and also handles the adding and deleting of units on billing based on when new units are put into service or sold.

  • Accident Management -  The quality and costs of repairs are monitored by Union Leasing. This helps keep your future insurance costs under control, and reduces the time frame for repairs.

Insurance Card Administration

Union offers a turnkey solution for getting insurance cards into your drivers' hands quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise and systems to ensure that your drivers receive updated insurance cards well in advance of the existing policy expiration offering full legal operating compliance.


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Administration Free
  • Accident Management