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Helping manage every aspect of your fleet

Union Leasing offers specific products and services through all four stages of fleet management: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operation and Remarketing Services.


Itís a holistic approach to your business with an emphasis on helping you better leverage your fleet dollars as well as take advantage of a wide variety of service options. For a quick overview of each stage, run your cursor around the Lifecycle Management tool. Then click on a stage to learn more.


  • Fuel Management Program
  • License and Title Services
  • Tax Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Driver Safety Assessment
  • On-line Reporting
  • Carfax Reporting

Service Throughout Your Lease

At Union Leasing, when your lease begins, the service doesn't end. During the Fleet Operation stage, we provide services that manage the day-to-day maintenance of vehicles and the hassles of taxes, insurance, and licenses and titling.


In addition, the Union Leasing offers one of the most comprehensive fuel management programs in the industry. As part of the program, administrators maintain complete control over fuel card usage, territory and on-line tracking.


The safety of your employees is, of course, one of your top priorities. So Union Leasing makes driver safety assessment and background checks a routine part of fleet operations.


See how U-First Service means we're ready to help. Any time. Any where.



First things first. Does leasing make sense for your company? In addition to funding, consider the other advantages of leasing:

  • No sales tax
  • Increased vehicle incentives
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Preserves working capital
  • Tax-deductible payments
  • Disposal options
  • Purchase option after 12 months