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Financing with flexible terms

Union Leasing offers specific products and services through all four stages of fleet management: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operation and Remarketing Services.

Itís a holistic approach to your business with an emphasis on helping you better leverage your fleet dollars as well as take advantage of a wide variety of service options. For a quick overview of each stage, run your cursor around the Lifecycle Management tool. Then click on a stage to learn more.


  • Flexible Financing
  • Vehicle Ordering
  • Vehicle Delivery
  • Initial Tags
  • Maintenance & Fuel Set-up

Designing A Lease That Fits

At Union Leasing, every customer is treated as if they were our first customer. Thatís the cornerstone of our U-first Service pledge. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions, and instead work with you to tailor a lease service expressly to meet your needs.

We lease autos, trucks, vans and specialty vehicles. Or any combination of them all. We also provide flexible financing for every lease service and every type of customer.

Our Corporate Customers, for example, usually require more control over cash flow and more off balance sheet transactions.

So our Union Leasing representative works with you on different open-end lease options. However in some cases when no residual risk is desired, a closed-end lease makes more sense. Again, there are no one-size-fits-all options at Union Leasing. We also help you work through different fixed and float financing options.

Rental Car Customers usually take advantage of short-term, open-end leases to maximize margin and control cash flow. Unlike some other leasing companies, Union Leasing provides flexible financing for both risk and non-risk vehicles. We also give personal attention to help you choose between fixed and float financing options.

Our Government Customers need quick response and strict adherence to procedures. Union Leasing is an approved GSA Schedule Holder and is very conversant with the RFP bidding process. Our closed-end lease options give an out after every year and, of course, thereís never a hassle of re-marketing.


See how U-First Service extends north of the border.



  • No sales tax
  • Increased vehicle incentives
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Preserves working capital
  • Tax-deductible payments
  • Disposable options
  • Purchase option after
    12 months