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Union Leasing was originally formed in 1955 by Lawrence Faul of The Faul Group to provide alternative consumer and commercial fleet leasing. In 1961 their success led them to incorporate as Union Leasing Inc., which primarily provided closed-end financing. In 1989 Union Leasing Inc. was acquired by Chicago Freight Car Leasing, a privately owned family company with its roots in rail transportation dating back to 1928. The resulting infusion of resources, expertise and innovative thinking changed everything.

In 1989 Union Leasing moved from its long-time home in Lombard to its current location in Schaumburg, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Over the years we have excelled at providing financial, leasing and fleet management services to all facets of the commercial, government and rental car industries.

In 2010 Sasser Family Holdings Inc. was formed as a strategic support parent company, providing resources and clout for Chicago Freight Car Leasing, Union Leasing and their other sister companies CF Rail Services, CF Asia Pacific Holdings, NxGen Rail Services. We are proud to be a part of this group of businesses.
Click here for a slideshow of the rich history and evolution of this organization from 1928 to present.