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Our pledge to our customers.

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To be successful at any endeavor, you must focus on a single goal and work single-mindedly in pursuit of that goal. Itís not so hard to talk the talk; youíve got to demonstrate your passion every day. Union Leasing has become North Americaís fastest-growing small and medium size fleet leasing and management company because we stay true to what fuels our passion.

Our Mission is simple: Make sure our clients canít imagine doing business with anyone else. We provide value-based services, which not only meet our clientís needs, but also consistently surpass their expectations. We are a place where people want to work because they are empowered to make a difference.

We strive to fulfill that mission every day by delivering highly personalized client service supported by innovative technology.

And although over the past 50 years the business has changed, we havenít changed our core business. We focus exclusively on providing fleet management services. Because of this, Union Leasing has been a leader in offering groundbreaking leasing services and enhancements for our customers.

A company made up of people

More and more, "customer service" means little more than reaching a phone bank and talking to an anonymous individual who reads about your account from a computer screen. You feel like a number. We at Union Leasing see value in going the extra mile for our customers. Every customer knows who manages his or her business at Union Leasing. And everyone at Union Leasing knows precisely whose needs come first.

In fact at Union Leasing we call it our U-first Pledge: We treat every customer as if they were our first customer. Your business needs will never exceed our efforts to meet them.

Being in the fleet management business, we know all about the desire to trade-in something old for something shiny and new. It goes for vehicles. It also goes for a corporate image. The old look served us well for many years, but itís now time to make a bold statement about where Union Leasing is headed and what that means for our friends and customers.

Another big change here at Union Leasing is our Lifecycle Management tool. Weíve always taken a holistic approach to helping you manage your fleet needs, but now weíve organized and strengthened our services to serve you at every stage: Planning, Leasing, Fleet Operations and Remarketing.

These are exciting times here at Union Leasing. Thanks to our loyal customers and the opportunity youíve given us to earn your business.

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